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Be A Digital Ally

Text reads: Knowbility. Be a digtial ally.

Knowbility is excited to announce our new events series: Be A Digital Ally! Beginning in February, this monthly series intends to cover the basic skills and principles of accessible web design. It is meant for people who regularly interact with and create content for the web but are new to accessibility.

Introducing: Be A Digital Ally

This audiogram details the Be A Digital Ally series that begins in February, 2022.

April: Captioning

Register for Be A Digital Ally: Video Captioning on Humanitix

You are likely familiar with captioning, the text version of whatever is being spoken in a video, but do you know how to caption your own video content?   

In this session, we will be going over all things captioning: available services and tools, adding captions manually, and best practices for video content. Come learn how to make your videos accessible to your audience! 

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