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Naveesha Maharaj

Senior Accessibility Consultant, Deque

Senior Accessibility Consultant for over 13 years working with organizations such as Deque, Canada Life, The Carrol Center for the Blind, Ogilvy, Brightworks and many more. Skilled heavily on web, mobile native and PDF accessibility, ensuring clients are producing not only compliant content but usable as well. Prior to moving into the consulting realm, she worked as a Web Accessibility Analyst at TD and as an Accessibility Systems Testing/QA Specialist at the Ministry of Community and Social Services Children, Youth and Social Services I&IT Cluster testing internal and external sites against WCAG 2.0 standards. Technical writing, presentations, remediation, assessments and training were and are still a large part of her daily activities.

She was an active member of the Accessibility Consulting team at CNIB focusing on internal and external AODA. Since 1999 she has obtained experience in the Pharmaceutical, Financial and Corporate Retail industries where her responsibilities have ranged from, Technical Team lead, Merchandise Business Associate to E-Business Specialist.
In her current role as a Senior Accessibility Consultant, Naveesha provides accessibility audits, usability assessments, document remediation and training. Promoting accessibility awareness & services to organizations within Canada and the US while assisting anyone in need of accessibility information to ensure compliance with the current standards has always been a priority. These duties compliment her interests of volunteering and participating in fundraising events, helping others in need either internationally or in local organizations. All extra time goes to her adventures with her two husky’s. 


John Slatin Virtual AccessU 2021