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Meryl Evans

Accessibility Marketer and Speaker,

Meryl Evans, CPACC, an accessibility marketing consultant and author. As a marketing professional, Meryl knew the importance of video and shied away from making them because of her accent that hails from nowhere accessible by travel. She received such a tremendous response to her videos that led to invitations to speak. That put her on a passionate path to help create a more accessible world.

She uses a virtual megaphone to educate anyone who will listen about accessibility and inclusion with a focus on people with disabilities. She’s a highly sought speaker who is known for compelling people to take action by sharing her stories and lived experiences as a person who happened to be born hearing-free aka profoundly deaf.

She has spoken at TEDx, AccessU, ID24, sxsw, Content Marketing World, AccessibilityPlus, and PCMA Convening Leaders. Her most recent forays include delving into accessibility in virtual reality by working with XR Access and the W3C Immersive Captions Community Group. She's a proud mom of three and a native Texan who has lived in Dallas-Fort Worth for all but six years of her life.


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