Knowbility Accessibility Leadership Symposium

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May 15th and 16th 2017 – Driskill Hotel, Austin, Texas

Knowbility Accessibility Leadership Symposium is a dynamic, collaborative symposium of leaders gathered to address leadership issues in digital accessibility.

Cost: $2500 (includes two nights in the Driskill Hotel)

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Two main drivers of digital accessibility

  • Accessible systems are well designed and lead to inclusion and diversity, proven indicators of innovation, differentiation, and industry leadership.
  • Equal access to information and communications technology is a human right in the 21st Century.

Knowbility proposes to foster leadership on this issue by convening a group of influencers to craft solutions for organizations of all types and sizes. You are invited to participate.

Why leadership matters

We must strengthen leadership on the issue of technology access! Web sites and applications still largely fail to meet accessibility standards. Executive leadership is a key missing piece to sustainability and long term realization of the opportunities afforded by universal technology access.

A unique solution

As envisioned by Knowbility Board Chair Rich Schwerdtfeger, recently retired as CTO of Accessibility for IBM, we will launch an annual Accessibility Leadership Symposium (KALS). KALS will create a leadership peer network and help executives build the Accessibility Roadmap specific to their organizational needs and aligned with their own goals. We invite interested institutions to participate.

Please join us in building a business leadership community in digital accessibility!

“Through a facilitated series of interactive presentations and discussions, the Symposium will provide leaders with knowledge, skills and confidence to successfully implement accessibility within an organization. Participants will leave with a network of highly influential business, academic, and governmental figures with shared concerns and understanding of both the opportunities and challenges of digital accessibility.” Rich Schwerdtfeger

For sponsorship and registration information please contact or complete an interest form.

Register Now! for KALS