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Since 1998, Knowbility has been training communities, businesses and government agencies about how and why to design accessible IT. Our training programs have been recognized for excellence and innovation by the Peter Drucker Foundation, the White House, the Department of Labor and the SXSW Interactive Media Conference among many others. We have provided training and consulting services to companies that include major online retailers, software developers, utility companies, transit authorities, and innumerable government agencies.

Our Network of Instructors

Knowbility has developed the strongest network of accessibility experts in the world. Our Instructors include experts who serve on international standards boards, authors, and current leaders in accessible design and development. We will work with you to ensure that the classes you need are taught by an instructor that meets the specific needs and goals of your company.

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Custom Curricula

In addition to our regularly scheduled conferences and classes, Knowbility can build custom curricula on-demand for your organization. Training services can be delivered at Knowbility's facilities or at a venue of your choice.

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Accessibility Class Descriptions

Knowbility offers a standard set of accessibility classes and we are happy to customize classes to meet your specific tools and company needs.

Web Accessibility 101

An overview of web accessibility; specific barriers experienced by people with disabilities; Accessible HTML techniques; Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 guidelines; Demonstration of tools for testing.

Accessibility and the Dynamic Web

Learn the specific challenges inherent in achieving accessible applications when working with DHTML, AJAX, Flash, and Flex; how to enable accessible keyboard interaction; examples of specific barriers; scripting techniques to overcome those barriers; how to write scripts as well as recommending JavaScript libraries that build in accessibility.

Standards, Guidelines, Testing and Best Practices

Web and document accessibility standards and guidelines and how they relate to legal requirements; what it means and basic techniques in how to Test for Accessibility; web and document accessibility standards, test results and Best Practices.

Accessibility, What Not to Do

Creating information technology that works for everyone; learn how to avoid common pitfalls by emphasizing “Universal Design” rather than mere compliance.

Developing Accessibility Policy

How to select standards, develop a comprehensive accessibility policy for your organization and how to maintain it over time.

Basic Web Accessibility Testing with JAWS

Basic web accessibility testing with JAWS; focusing on fundamentals.

Advanced Web Accessibility Testing with JAWS

Builds upon basic web accessibility testing with JAWS.

Basic Techniques for Accessible Flash Development

Common accessibility barriers presented by Flash and Flex applications that are not developed within an explicit accessibility environment; basic techniques to ensure that rich media applications can be accessed by assistive technologies.

Advanced Techniques for Accessible Flash Development

Builds on Basic Flash to ensure that rich media applications meet accessibility standards.

Accessible HTML & HTML Forms

Semantic and accessible heading structure; HTML document for semantic heading structure; write meaningful and informative link text; functional and descriptive alt text; accessible table structure; accessible label elements and form fields.

Cascading Style Sheets and Accessibility

An overview of how to use CSS to ensure that meaning does not depend on style or presentation.

Intro to Accessible Javascript

Issues, perspectives and practical tools to use Javascript while meeting accessibility requirements.

ASP.NET and Accessibility

An introduction to ASP.NET controls and features and a walk-through on how to support accessibility by default in ASP.NET.

Accessible JSP

Explore accessible coding, how to solve common issues; how each Java component behaves; review case studies, examples and solutions.

Accessible MS Office Documents

How to create Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents that meet accessibility standards and can be used by assistive technology.

PDF Accessibility using Acrobat 8.0 and Above

Step-by-step methodology in how to use Adobe Acrobat 8.0 and above to ensure that PDF documents meet accessibility standards and can be used by assistive technology.