Kimberly Blessing

Kimberly Blessing was once referred to as an “internal agitator” – the part of the washing machine that does the hard work of getting laundry clean – because of her passion for stirring things up and making things better in the organizations she works with and on the Web at large.

In her nearly 20-year career on the Web, Kimberly has evangelized design, code, and accessibility best practices while holding senior engineering and management roles at Comcast Interactive Media, PayPal, and AOL. She has served on the W3C HTML and CSS Working Groups and was a member and co-lead of the Web Standards Project, the grass roots organization that helped the web standards movement get beyond the “browser wars”. Currently, Kimberly is a director at Think Brownstone, an experience design consultancy.

A graduate of Bryn Mawr College (B.A., Computer Science) and The George Washington University (M.Sc., Computer Science), Kimberly is also a passionate advocate for increasing the number of women in computing and technology fields. She lives in Philadelphia, a city not unfamiliar with stirring up trouble.