Web Site Monitoring

Once you have an accessible web-based application or web site, how do you maintain accessibility over time? Knowbility provides a program of periodic monitoring to ensure that standards are maintained. We provide thorough, easy-to-understand reports that identify the issues, explain what the issues are, and provide you with resources and knowledge to remedy the issues. And, Knowbility guarantees that our methods will result in information technology products with maximum accessibility to assistive technologies, mobile browsing devices, search engines, and emerging technologies.

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Our experts are skilled in detecting accessibility issues for all disability categories using automated testing, user testing, and assistive technologies to evaluate your site.

  • Develop Company Policy Toward Accessibility
  • Help Integrate Accessibility Into Your Design Practices
  • Develop Training Practices

Monitoring Options

  • Monitoring "As You Redesign"
  • Regularly Scheduled Accessibility Check-ups
  • Periodic Assessments
  • Custom Schedule