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Appropriately captioned video on your site allows audio and video content to be accessible to those who do not have access to audio. Though captioning is primarily intended for persons with hearing impairments, it helps many people who can hear, as well as those who may not be fluent in the language in which the audio is presented.

Captions are a very important source of accessibility when it comes to web audio and video. Captioning not only allows those with hearing impairments to get the information but also those in everyday situations such as airports, bars, and gyms where hearing the audio is not always possible.

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Synchronized, Equivalent Captions for Audio

For fully accessible information technology, synchronized, equivalent captions should be provided any time audio content is present. This pertains to the use of audio and video played through multimedia players such as Quicktime, RealPlayer, or Windows Media Player, but can also pertain to such technologies as Flash, Shockwave, or Java when audio content is a part of the multimedia presentation. Knowbility is your solution for web captioning needs.

Captioned Video Files Will Be

  • Synchronized - the text content should appear at approximately the same time that audio would be available
  • Equivalent - content provided in captions should be equivalent to that of the spoken word
  • Accessible - caption content should be readily accessible and available to those who need it