AccessWorks Usability & Accessibility Testing Portal

Connecting Business to Users with Disabilities - The most loyal customers in the world!

Now you can do accessibility testing along with your usability testing! Knowbility and Loop11 have created the AccessWorks database of web users with disabilities. Loop 11 is a powerful web-based tool for remote unmoderated usability testing. AccessWorks is an extensive database of users with disabilities. Put them together and you get access to participants using screen readers and other assistive devices reporting their first-hand reactions to your site or app.

Users with Disabilities

If you have a disability and use a screen reader or other assistive technology, register with us and get contacted when website owners want to test the accessibility and usability of websites. You will earn $35 an hour for all testing you do. Note: You must have a verifiable disability and use assistive technology. In order to get paid; you will need to create a PayPal account when you register as a user.

Create a PayPal Account, Register As a Paid User and Login

  • Do you use a screen reader or other assistive technologies to use the computer or browse the internet?
  • Want to help make the internet more accessible to everyone?
  • Want to be paid to participate in remote accessibility testing?

Usability and Marketing Professionals

If you’re a website owner or usability/marketing professional, sign up on Loop11. Once you have a Loop11 account and create a user test, you’ll have the option to recruit participants with disabilities from our database. They’ll perform your tasks using their assistive devices. You’ll get easy-to-understand reports that give you the details of user behavior you need for detailed analysis and learning about accessibility pitfalls at the site.

Usability & Marketing Professionals Sign Up to Access Loop11

  • Quick access to web users with disabilities
  • First-Hand POV from every accessibility angle
  • No need to purchase assistive technology
  • One low basic payment takes care of all costs
  • Simple pricing per participant
  • Run tests more efficiently
For people with disabilities, technology makes things possible. On the other hand, inaccessible technology can make things absolutely impossible for disabled people, a prospect we must avoid.
Judith Heumann