ATSTAR (Assistive Technology: Strategies, Tools, Accommodations & Resources) is an online curriculum designed to improve educational outcomes for students with disabilities by helping teachers learn to use assistive technology in the classroom. At the core of ATSTAR is a series of online teacher training modules with supporting expert videos. The curriculum brings assistive technology expertise directly into the school and classroom; it prepares instructional staff to conduct assessments, collect data, and integrate assistive technology into the educational process. ATSTAR also provides an online network of ongoing support as educators learn to use assistive technology to include students with disabilities in classroom learning activities.

Austin and surrounding school districts have an opportunity to receive campus-based training on assistive technology through a program called ATSTAR. This is a web-based program that was originally created by the AISD Assistive Technology Team with the intent to provide campus educational teams with the knowledge and skills to make decisions about the assistive technology needs of students they work with. Assistive technology consideration is required for students with disabilities at ARD and 504 meetings.

There will be one full day of training and the expectation that campus teams will work through the ATSTAR curriculum during the first semester of the 2015/2016 school year. We are inviting you to take advantage of this opportunity. Each participant will receive an $85 stipend for the day.


Saturday, October 3rd.
9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
4 total hours
Location: Region 13, 5701 Springdale Road, Austin, TX 78723 – Room TBD

If you would like to participate, please provide us with your name and we will contact you with more information about the training.
You may send your name to: or For additional information about ATSTAR please contact Jessica at

Visit the ATSTAR web site for more information.

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