Sponsor John Slatin AccessU: Engage hundreds of information technology leaders and open the door for technology inclusion.

Accessible web and IT design is mandated by law and supported in the marketplace, yet most developers have do not have the knowledge and skills to meet this need. John Slatin AccessU brings together leaders in the field of accessible design to train web developers, IT managers, designers, programmers, administrators and usability specialists. Through three days of intensive learning and networking, a collaborative community is built to share best-practices and support on this increasingly important topic.

When you sponsor AccessU, you elevate your brand in this community of forward-thinking, engaged, customer-focused web designers and other IT professionals and make a high-profile statement of your commitment to accessibility and usability!

Join us today - on behalf of the millions with disabilities who benefit from this work, we thank you!

To make your commitment, or to craft a unique package, contact Mike Rush, Community Programs Manager,
at 210-365-5074 or mrush@knowbility.org.

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Copper Sponsor ($500)

As a Copper Sponsor, you will receive:

  • 1 Exhibit Hall Booth
  • Acknowledgement in Program Book
  • Attendance at Conference Networking Events
  • Link on the AccessU Website

Bronze Sponsor ($1,500)

As a Bronze Sponsor, you will receive all the benefits of Copper Sponsorship, as well as:

  • Designation as a Sponsor for 1 Activity/Refreshment Time

Silver Sponsor ($2,500)

As a Silver Sponsor, you will receive all the benefits of Bronze Sponsorship, as well as:

  • 1 Half Page Ad in Program Book
  • 1 Ticket to Attend 2 Conference Days

Gold Sponsor ($5,000)

As a Gold Sponsor, you will receive all the benefits of Silver Sponsorship, as well as:

  • Signage on Tables During Sponsored Event
  • 1 Full Page Ad in Program Book
  • 2 Tickets to Attend 2 Conference Days