John Slatin AccessU   |   May 11 - 13, 2015

About John Slatin AccessU

AccessU, an annual accessibility training institute presented by Knowbility, provides three days of instruction in how to make electronic information technology accessible to everyone - including people with disabilities. If you believe that the web should empower all people, need information about how to meet state and federal accessibility mandates, or are a commercial web developer who wants to understand emerging best business practices for the web, AccessU will provide the resources you need.

Join world renowned accessibility experts for two days of classes to improve your skills and better understand the the need and the techniques for inclusive IT design. For everything from the basics to the bleeding edge, AccessU is the place to be in May!

Who is John Slatin?

Dr. John Slatin was the founder of the Accessibility Institute at the University of Texas. In 2002, Sharron Rush, John Slatin, and other accessibility leaders sat in his office and brainstormed ideas for classes they wanted to make available to the community. Each class was written on a sticky note and moved around a white board until the outline for a kick-ass conference - the very first AccessU - was formed. In keeping with the Knowbility spirit to make accessibility fun, they planned some great social events around the classes, and each year following, the community grew and the classes improved. In 2008 when John died after a gallant fight against leukemia, the conference was named in his honor.

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