Rebirth of Slick: Why Design Is Cool and Why It Will Make People Love Your Company, 5/15 at 11:00 AM

Companies like Apple, BMW, Whole Food Stores and Target are proving that design isn’t only cool it’s profitable. In this session we will explore how design goes beyond marketing messages, advertising, PR and social media to help you create a strong brand and culture with well-regarded products and/or services.


Trustee Hall 303
Capacity 42


Design & Usability




5-15-2012 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM (1.50 hr)

Key Take-aways

  • The myths about design and its place in business/marketing strategy.
  • The limitations of the commonly accepted view of design.
  • Why building a design culture is good business.
  • How design establishes a relation with consumers.
  • The difference between design as a skill and design as a process.